Installing Cisco Any Connect on Ubuntu 11.04 64bit

Note: This method don’t work for Ubuntu 11.10 x64 and I have completely no idea what method would. If you find some blog article stating a working nice method for Ubuntu 11.10 x64, please drop the link in the comments area. 10x

Who should read?

If you have been googling/binging how to do this from a long time and you realized most of the blog articles talk about 32 bit edition. Moreover, the one who does talk about 64 bit edition are stating a very complicated procedure.


First of all you would need to download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client from your company’s portal. It would first try to auto-install and finally a manual Installation message would be displayed with the download link. Now you have to download file by clicking on this Linux i386 link

Step 2:

The problem is the file downloaded in step 1 wont run on you machine because you got 64bit while the setup is for 32bit. So, all you need to do now make you machine support 32bit installations. And that can be done writing this command in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs lib32nss-mdns

Step 3:

Bash your or install this .sh file whatever way you feel like doing it.

sudo bash

Done, enjoy!!

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