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It would be an honor as well as a pleasure for me to work on this project. For technical approach and past experience of mine, check PM.

About Project: 

Okies, this is what can be done:
I develop a Python script(or whtever u want) which takes all domains you give (in whatever way you want) and this script fetch its WHOIS information most importantly admin email id and expiration date etc and provide all this information readily available to you (in whatever format you want). We can make it a csv which can be imported in your outlook etc or we can develop a tool mail merge this automatically. I wont recommend bulk emailing as its gonna make your email sound like spam but if you want no problem can be done.

About Me:
I am working in NexTag as a web crawler specialist. I have developed multithreaded scalable crawlers which can crawl like 10000 pages in 300 secs and I have complete understanding of crawlers of Google, Yahoo etc and the researches going in this field in MITs and Stanford etc.

My cost is genuine and affordable while I assure you quality of service.

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