NT Db Mapping

categories (id) -> attributes (category_id)
categories(id) -> category_datapoints (category_id)
categories(id) -> navigation (category_id)
categories(id) -> pricelist_prices(category_id)
categories(id) -> products (category_id)
categories(id) -> brand_category (category_id)

products(id) -> product_datapoints (product_id)
products(id) -> product_keys (product_id)
products(id) -> reviews (product_id)
products(id) -> price_anomalies (product_id)
products(id) -> source_avg_ratings (product_id)
products(id) -> review_key_phrases (product_id)
products(id) -> review_key_terms (product_id)
products(id) -> product_content (product_id)
products(id) -> search_terms (product_id)
products(id) -> url_related_product (product_id)
search_terms (id) -> incoming_search_terms (search_term_id)
search_terms (id) -> search_term_blacklist (search_term_id)
search_terms (id) -> url_related_search_term (search_term_id)

navigation(id) -> link_mappings(navigation_id)
navigation(id) -> navigation_hierarchy (child_id)

reviews(id) -> related_product_snippets(review_id)
reviews(id) -> snippets(review_id)

attributes(id) -> product _attributes(attribute_id)


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